YCCS Services

YCCS Services

We measure success by our clients' satisfaction. YCCS offers services designed to improve debt collection results with a Fair but Firm approach applied to all of our services.

Open Account Collection

YCCS has been recovering our clients' lost dollars for more than 60 years. With our extensive database and consistent focus on client satisfaction, YCCS produces high rates of return for all types of consumer accounts.

Commercial Collection

Collecting bad debt between businesses requires particular knowledge and skill. Our commercial collectors have the expertise necessary to navigate the commercial collection industry and successfully negotiate settlements on commercial accounts of all sizes.

Dishonored Check Service

Dishonored checks include NSF, Refer to Maker and Account Closed checks. Our Dishonored Check Service is designed to make check collection both convenient and efficient for our clients.

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Letter Service

Our Letter Service prompts slow-paying customers to take action before their accounts are turned over for collection. Clients currently using our Letter Service experience a 50- to 75-percent recovery rate on accounts 60 to 90 days past due.

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Online Account Access

YCCS keeps clients informed with updated reports, current tracking and automated account information… all online and available at any time.

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Staff Training

YCCS conducts specialized training seminars designed to help our clients learn how to collect more dollars in-house, saving both time and money for our clients.

Consumer Credit Counseling

YCCS encourages debtors to seek financial assistance in a variety of ways. If a debtor is unable to develop a payment plan and chooses to work with a credit counseling service, we accept and support the program.

Acknowledgement Forms

YCCS clients promptly receive acknowledgements after accounts are entered in our system.

Legal Expertise

Legal action will be used as a last resort when debtors have sufficient resources to meet terms and fail to do so. Our in-house legal staff works full-time on legal matters. YCCS has retained the services of the attorney, Howard N. Schwartz, Attorney-at-Law since 2012, to assist with and perform legal matters. This close relationship allows YCCS to quickly and accurately produce legal documents for prompt filing with the court.

Skip Tracing

Because we can't collect from consumers if we can't find them, YCCS uses proven and effective search methods to locate people quickly. Most skip tracing functions are performed online using an extensive network of local, regional and national resources to help YCCS connect with and collect from our client's consumers.

International Coverage

Client accounts can be forwarded to more than 3,800 offices around the world, enabling YCCS to collect debts near and far.

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