Letter Service

YCCS Letter Service

Our Letter Service prompts slow-paying customers to take action before their accounts are turned over for collection. Clients currently using our Letter Service experience a 50- to 75-percent recovery rate on accounts 60 to 90 days past due.

Here's how it works:

Two letters are mailed to your consumer at a verified address. The letters are sent on YCCS stationary, 15 working days apart. Each letter warns the consumer that if action is not taken, the account may be turned over for collection. All correspondence is directed to your office for payment arrangements. You receive 100 percent of the payment!

At the end of the Letter Service term, you may choose to have any outstanding accounts automatically roll into full collection status with us, or we can contact your office by fax or by phone to determine the status of each account.

To get started with our Letter Service, click here to sign up using our Online Services or contact our office at (800) 841-5873 to request a form to complete and return by fax or mail.
You can always contact YCCS online or by phone to request changes to your letter service.

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